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If you are a bereaved parent or know parents, who are grieving the death of a child, please contact us or come and attend our meeting.

No matter if your child died before or shortly after birth, as a toddler, a young child, a teen or an adult, support is near.

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Poems of Comfort

Another Day | Another Season Without You | Ask my Mom | Don't Stand In Judgment
For That I Am Thankful | Gone but Not Forgotten | Hot-Line | I Am Alive | In the Light
If I Knew | Imagine | I Often Wonder… | I Will NEVER Get Over You | I Will Wait
Men Do Cry | OUR CHERISHED CHILD | Our Christmas Grief | Please Don’t Tell Me…
REMEMBER | "So Many Questions" | Tears | The Busiest Day in Heaven
There Is No Goodbye | This Autumn Day | Walking with Grief


Another Day
John Plourde 2009

I wake each morning to face another day,
The tears on my pillow have now dried.
Each morning is just another painful way,
Of remembering you and the day you died.

The mirror shows a face that looks so old,
My eyes are soar and red from the tears I cried.
There are times when the pain of your death feels so cold,
I cannot escape this terrible grief, no matter where I hide.

My beautiful daughter, I miss you more than words can say,
I cannot get that horrible day out of my mind, although I have tried.
The phone call, the terrible news and visions are always in the way.
Grief shows no mercy and takes me on a terrible never-ending ride.

My mask protects and helps me through each challenge I face,
I promise you this; my endless love for you will never fade away.
Tonight, as I rest my head on my pillow, I pray you are in a peaceful place,
I say a prayer and feel thankful that when I wake, I can remember you another day.


Another Season Without You
By: John Plourde 2008

The “first” day of fall has now past,
The pain of your death will forever last.

I think of you as I look into the clear, cool sky,
As I think of you, again, I begin to cry.

As I walk along and feel the autumn in the air,
I miss seeing the autumn sun glistening in your hair.

Your beautiful smile as gentle as an autumn leaf
Are now only memories in my life of grief.

Oh, how I wish I could hold you once more,
I pray for the day you meet me at heaven’s door.

My deep love for you will never fade away,
No matter how long on this earth I have to stay.

The day you died at the age of eleven,
I knew that you had the prettiest angel wings in heaven.

Each day since your death is a challenge to survive,
Missing you more and more each day I am alive.

My darling daughter Danielle Marie, I promise you this,
On my entrance into heaven, you will be the first one I kiss.

Your Loving Daddy.


Ask my Mom

by Jo Burr

My Mum, she tells a lot of lies
she never did before
From now until she dies
she'll tell a whole lot more.

Ask my Mum how she is
and because she can't explain
She will tell a little lie
Because she can't describe the pain.

Ask my Mum how is she
She'll say,” I’m alright"?
If that's the truth, then tell me
why does she cry each night.

Ask my Mum how is she
She seems to cope so well
She didn't have a choice you see
nor the strength to yell.

Ask my Mum how is she
She'll say, "I'm fine, I'm well, I'm coping"?
For God's sake, Mum, just tell the truth
Just say your heart is broken.

She'll love me all my life
I loved her all of mine
But if you ask her how is she
She'll lie and say she's fine.

I am here, in heaven
I cannot hug from here
If she lies to you, don't listen
Hug her, hold her near.

On the day we meet again
we'll smile, and I'll be bold

I'll say, "You're lucky to get in here, Mum
with all the lies you told"?

Written by Jo Burr,
3 months after losing her 15 year old son, Simon.
Nelson Bay Chapter TCF NSW


Don't Stand In Judgment
Sheila Simmons

Don't stand in judgment of us when you learn how we have died
It may have been a virus, or perhaps by suicide.

You shake your heads in disgust, thinking we threw our lives away
But you didn't feel our pain, or the hopelessness each day.

Don't stand in judgment of me, when you learn that I was Gay
I did not seek this lifestyle, can't you see I was born this way.
You point your finger in anger, shouting "It is the price of sin you pay"

But I was someone's child, no matter my lifestyle
And I truly could not change, or live a life of denial.

Don't stand in judgment of me, when you learn I took my life
You didn't feel the pain of a life full of torment and strife.

You know nothing of the demons I fought both night and day
Yes I wanted to be free, I did not want it to end this way
But I grew so weary of fighting, I could not face another day.

So don't stand in judgment of us, for you know not our pain
And does it really matter now, what does your judgment gain?

For we were someone's child, who are left behind to grieve our death
And while we were not perfect, to them we were the best!

Your words no longer hurt us, it is our parents you tear
Innocent of our faults, now are heavy with the grief to bear.

So before you stand in judgment and blame and criticize
Look beyond our faults, taste the bitter tears we cried.

Feel our pain and sorrow, our doubts and despair
And you will see us as we were, the children standing there.

No, we did not fit your pattern, and you think we died in vain
But we are all God's children, underneath we are the same.


For That I Am Thankful
By Darcie D. Sims

It doesn't seem to get any better, but it doesn't get any worse either,
For that, I am thankful.

There are no more pictures to be taken, but there are memories to be cherished.
For that, I am thankful.

There is a missing chair at the table, but the circle of family gathers close.
For that, I am thankful.

The turkey is small, but there is still stuffing.
For that, I am thankful.

The days are shorter, but the nights are softer.
For that, I am thankful.

The pain is still there, but it lasts only moments.
For that, I am thankful.

The calendar still turns.
The holidays still appear and they still cost too much.
But I am still here.
For that, I am thankful.

The room is still empty and the soul still aches.
But the heart remembers,
For that, I am thankful.

The guests still come and the dishes pile up.
But the dishwasher works.
For that, I am thankful.

The name is still missing, the words still unspoken.
But the silence is shared,
For that, I am thankful.

The snow still falls, the sled still waits,
and the spirit still wants to.
For that, I am thankful.

The stillness remains, but the sadness is smaller.
For that, I am thankful.

The moment is gone, but the love is forever,
For that, I am blessed,
For that, I am grateful.

Love was once (and still is)
A part of my being.
For that, I am living.

I am living.
And for that, I am thankful.


Gone but Not Forgotten
by Kelsey Y. Sheppard
Dedicated To Danielle Marie Plourde

You were so full of life,
Always smiling and carefree,
Life loved you being a part of it,
And I loved you being a part of me.
You could make anyone laugh,
If they were having a bad day,
No matter how sad I was,
You could take the hurt away.
Nothing could every stop you,
Or even make you fall,
You were ready to take on the world,
Ready to do it all.
But God decided he needed you,
So from this world you left,
But you took a piece of all of us,
Our hearts are what you kept.
Your seat is now empty,
And it's hard not to see your face,
But please always know this,
No one will ever take your place.
You left without a warning,
Not even saying good-bye,
And I can't seem to stop,
Asking the question why?
Nothing will ever be the same,
The halls are empty without your laughter,
But I know you're in Heaven,
Watching over us and looking after.
I didn't see this coming,
It hit me by surprise,
And when you left this world,
A small part of me died.
Your smile could brighten anyone's day,
No matter what they were going through,
And I know everyday for the rest of my life,
I'll be missing you.



The 'phone rang out; twas Thanksgiving eve; the caller was a stranger, "I had to talk to someone," she said,  "it's a long, long time 'till morning."

"I'm all alone in this little town away from friends and family. My young son died seven years ago, and then my husband left me. Nights are always lonely."

"I am a contract nurse," she said, "I go where 'er they send me. Now it's a remote western town and only colleagues know me. Nights are always lonely."

"I sat tonight and thought of home the way it was before he died, of Thanksgiving past and Christmas too. My grief is overwhelming. I must hold out 'till morning."

She told me of their grief at death; each struggled for survival. "We got no help from church or friends. Our families couldn't do it. And then - he left.

And now I go from town to town across this widespread nation. My days are filled with endless work; I serve the sick and helpless. My nights are filled with - memories.

I love my work; no time to think. I know grief's there to haunt me. I've learned o'er time to shove it down. But it won't shove tonight."

We talked and shared our thoughts of death; our sons were seventeen. Her voice broke often as we talked, and then she sighed her thanks. "I'll make it now." 

From Andy's Mountain - Father's Grieve Too, a Journey through Grief
By Dwight L. Patton



I Am Alive
By Jeff Schuck

I am alive.
I may have lost my son or daughter,
but I am a survivor of the long dark night of unspeakable loss,
The unbearable pain of my own darkness,
And, I am alive.

I am unwilling to stand idly by
and allow shame to defeat love
or silence to defeat action.
I stand for the enlightenment of a society
that would hide from parental grief,
that would avoid, that would pretend,
and I am alive.

I am unwilling for my perseverance
To be in vain,
Unwilling for the passing of my child
To be in shame.
I loved my child more than I loved myself,
And my child's life will have meaning
In my action.
I am resolved,
And I am alive.

In a world blinded by the pursuit of pleasure,
I am here to say
That people are in pain.

In a world rushing to get ahead,
I am here to say
That people are being left behind.

In a world obsessed with the value of the market,
I am here to speak
For the value of life,
And I am alive.

This will be no quiet fight,
For I am the voice of audacity
In the face of apathy.

I am the spirit of bravery
In a word of action.
I am a commitment to action
In the face of neutrality.

I am out of the darkness.
I am into the light.
And I ---
I am alive.


If I Knew

If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, for your soul to keep.

If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug, and kiss, and call you back for one more.

If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise,
I would videotape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day.

If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an over site, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right.

There will always be another day to say “I LOVE YOU" and certainly there's another chance to say "ANYTHING I CAN DO?"

But just in case I might be wrong, and today is all I get, I'd like to say how much I LOVE YOU and hope we never forget.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike, and today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you are waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?
For.... if tomorrow never comes you'll surely regret the day that you didn't take the extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss, and you were to busy to grant someone, what turned out to be their last wish.

So hold your loved ones close today, and whisper in their ear, tell them how much you LOVE them and that you'll always hold them dear.

Take time to say, “I’M SORRY", "PLEASE FORGIVE ME," "THANK YOU," or "IT'S OKAY," and if tomorrow never comes, you will feel better knowing you have done all those things you had "INTENDED TO DO" today...........


Imagine having everything you ever wanted in a family,
Imagine having fun, laughter and love in your heart,
Imagine everything you live for is for your family,
Now, Imagine if this ended just with a flash of your eyes,
Imagine your heart, your laughter and your smiles gone,
Imagine living in this world without the one's you love the most,
Imagine something made from a miracle, get taken away too soon,
Imagine the mother, the father, the sister, the brother and the friends,
Imagine trying to cope with this emptiness,
Imagine life that does not seem there is no meaning in your heart,
Imagine your soul been ripped and torn into pieces,
With an unbearable loss and pain,
Just Imagine, because for me this is all real.
There is no imagining this,
There is no imagining this,
I face this reality everyday for the rest of my human life,
Like a nightmare that you can't wake up from,
Like a wound that cannot heal or close,
Like a pain that is so unbearable it keeps on hurting,
Imagine yes I can,
For this is my life now and for all eternity.


In the Light
Author Unknown

A shadow of joy flickered; it is me.
I told you I wouldn't leave..
My spirit is with you.
My memories, my thoughts are imbedded deep in your heart.
I still love you.
Do not for one moment think that you have been abandoned.
I am in the Light.

In the corner, in the hall, the car, the yard --
these are the places I stay with you.
My spirit rises every time you pray for me,
but my energy comes closer to you.
Love does not diminish, it grows stronger.
I am the feather that finds you in the yard,
the dimmed light that grows brighter in your mind,
I place our memories for you to see.
We lived in our special way,
a way that now has its focus changed.
I still crave your understanding and
long for the many words of prayer and good fortune for my soul.
I am in the Light.

As you struggle to adjust without me,
I watch silently.
Sometimes I summon up all the strength of my new world to make you notice me.
Impressed by your grief, I try to impress my love deeper into your
As you should, I call out to the Heavens for help.
You should know that the fountain of youth does exist.
My soul is now healthy.
Your love sends me new found energy.
I am adjusting to this new world.
I am with you and I am in the Light.

Please don't feel bad that you can't see me.
I am with you wherever you go.
I protect you, just as you protected me so many times.
Talk to me and somehow I will find a way to answer you.
Mother, father, son or daughter it makes no difference.
Brother, sister, lover, husband or wife, it makes no difference.
Whatever our connection-friend or even foe-I see you with my new eyes.
I am learning to help wherever you are, wherever I am needed.
This can be done because I am in the Light.

When you feel despair, reach out to me.
I will come.
Our love for you truly does transcend from Heaven to Earth.
Finish your life with the enthusiasm and zest
that you had when we were together in the physical sense.
You owe this to me, but more importantly, you owe it to yourself.
Life continues for both of us.
I am with you because I love you and I am in the Light.


I Often Wonder…
John Plourde 2008

I often wonder why you had to die
I often wonder when will be the last day I cry

I often wonder did you die for a reason
I often wonder will I ever again enjoy any season

I often wonder how it would feel to give you one more bear hug
I often wonder how good it would feel tucking you in as snug as a bug

I often wonder how much in your life we will miss
I often wonder how it would feel to give you one more kiss

I often wonder will I ever feel whole again in this life
I often wonder what will happen to my son and wife

I often wonder if you can see us from heaven
I often wonder why you died at the age of eleven

I often wonder will the pain in my heart ever heal
I often wonder was the day you died all part of life’s deal

I Often Wonder…


I Will NEVER Get Over You
John Plourde 2008

I have asked myself a million times, WHY?
Though, I know it would not change a thing.
The hardest thing I had to do was tell you goodbye
now, each time I think of you, all I can do is cry.

I will NEVER get over you,
No matter how long I live,
I will NEVER get over you,
It'll take every breath I have to give.

My friends keep telling me I will survive;
Most say I need to do something to ease this strife
After loosing you to death, I still cannot believe I am still alive
Life means so very little now that you’re gone from my life

I yearn for the day when I can hold you little one,
To tell you how much I love and miss you
I know that it will take dying to get it done,
Until then, my love for you will forever be true

Your Loving Daddy


I Will Wait

I can't believe that your really gone now
Seems like it's all just a dream
How could it be that the world would go on
When something has died within me
Leaves will turn, my heart will burn
With colors of you
Snow will fall, but I'll recall your warmth
Summer wind, breathing in your memory
I'll miss you

But there will be a time
When I'll see your face
And I'll hear your voice
And there we will laugh again
And there will come a day
When I'll hold you close
No more tears to cry
'Cause we'll have forever
So I'll wait....

I can't imagine my life without you
You held a place all your own
Just knowing that you were beneath the same sky
Oh what a joy I have known
On rainy days, in many ways
You water my heart
On starry nights I'll glimpse the light
Of your smile
Never far from my heart
You'll stay with me
And so I'll wait....

Until that time
When I see your face
And I hear your voice
And then we will laugh again
And on that day
I will hold you close
No more tears to cry
'Cause we'll have forever
But for now, I wait....

May God grant us grace and mercy.


Men Do Cry
by Ken Falk
I heard quite often "men don’t cry"
though no one ever told me why.
So when I fell and skinned a knee,
no one came by to comfort me.
And when some bully-boy at school
would pull a prank so mean and cruel,
I’d quickly learn to turn and quip,
"It doesn’t hurt," and bite my lip.
So as I grew to reason years,
I learned to stifle any tears.
Though "Be a big boy" it began,
quite soon I learned to "Be a man."
And I could play that stoic role
while storm and tempest wracked my soul.
No pain or setback could there be
could wrest one single tear from me.
Then one long night I stood nearby
and helplessly watched my son die.
And quickly found, to my surprise,
that all that tearless talk was lies.
And still I cry, and have no shame.
I cannot play that "big boy" game.
And openly, without remorse,
I let my sorrow takes its course.
So those of you who can’t abide
a man you’ve seen who’s often cried,
reach out to him with all your heart
as one whose life’s been torn apart.
For men DO cry when they can see
their loss of immortality.
And tears will come in endless streams,
when mindless fate destroys their dreams.
Ken has been a member of the
Northwest Connecticut Chapter of
The Compassionate Friends


Written by a Friend

A cherished child is one that we used to have to love, hold, and to hug daily,
Oh! What!! A precious child we had for a short 11 yrs....
A sweet, precious, beautiful young girl who was so full of life, love and happiness,

How we loved to hear her laughter as when she laughed it would reecho back to you,
What a beautiful smile that would light up the whole room when Danielle, entered into the room,
Danielle knew no strangers, as everyone was her friend!

Our cherished child was a special gift from God, to us,
How, we dreamt, and breathe for a special, little girl of our own
One day, God granted us, our wish and our cherished child was given to us,

We loved this dainty, little child with all of our heart, and soul,
We loved to watch her in her sleep, and in her awaking hours, as this
cherished child was so awesome in her daily adventures,

Oh! the gifts that were bestowed upon her, the voice of an angel,
The abilities to play any musical instrument by ear,
her creative in her dancing abilities,
her beautiful art work,

How she would tease us so often, play so many pranks on us, we both
would laugh, until we were crying,

Oh! How we miss this cherished child, our precious Danielle Marie.


Our Christmas Grief
By: John Plourde 2009

The beauty of our Christmas season ended the day you died,
Our pain of facing the season of “joy” shows through the tears we’ve cried.
The mask we hide behind only conceals so much pain and sorrow,
Removing our mask each night, we know it will be in place again tomorrow.

It is so hard watching other children filled with happiness, joy and bliss,
Their joy shatters our hearts as we only wish we could give you one more kiss.
Deep in our hearts we smile and appreciate the innocence they hold so dear,
We again say to ourselves that we would do anything to have you here.

The festive lights, trees and songs you enjoyed all your young life,
Now bring your mom and me heartache and pain that cuts like a knife.
A soft winter blanket of snow covers your cemetery grave and stone,
As we visit you on Christmas morning, we cry when we have to leave you alone.

People say that “time heals all wounds”…little do they know,
Our pain is so real and deep, yet no physical wounds we show.
This grief is so heavy, our bodies so battered, we feel we may never heal,
In you honor, we face each day as it comes, no matter how sad or isolated we feel.

Our darling daughter, Danielle Marie, you will forever shine in our wounded heart,
We will forever love, cherish and remember you no matter how long we are apart.
As we remember your precious life, innocence and your heart so full of love
Watch over your loving family from your heavenly home above.

Please Don’t Tell Me…
John Plourde 2009

“You are so strong, if it was my child, I would surly have died”,
I survive by sheer will; you were not there each night I cried.

“I admire your courage; I would not survive if it was me”,
To end this terrible pain, I thought about driving head-first into a tree.

“You really need to get over it and get on with your life”,
It takes every ounce of strength to take care of my son and wife.

“You should be happy; your child is in a better place”,
I want her here so I can see and kiss her happy face!

“It was “God’s” will; he only takes the best to heaven”,
You would be OK, if “God” took you child at the age of eleven?

“I know how you feel; I had to put my dog to sleep”,
I’d rather put 100 dogs to sleep if it meant I had my daughter to keep.

“It really bothers me to always see you so sad”,
If it “bothers” you that much…that’s really too bad!

“You have to accept the fact that she is gone, she is not coming back to you”,
It will always be difficult to “accept” she is gone, I wish I could make you see that too.

Please don’t tell me…you know how I feel; you really have no clue,
And for your sake, I pray each night you never have to.



I will still be here
As long as you hold me
In your memory.

When your dreams have ended
Time can be transcendent,
Just remember me.

I am the one star
That keeps burning
So brightly
It is the last light
To fade into the rising sun.

And with you
whenever you tell
My story
For I am all I've done.

I will still be here
As long as you hold me
In your memory
Remember me.

I Am that one voice
In the cold wind
That whispers
And if you listen
You'll hear me call across the sky.

As long as
I still can reach out
And touch you
Then I will never die.

I'll never leave you
If you will only
Remember me.

I will still be here
As long as you hold me
In your memory.

When your dreams have ended
Time can be transcendent
I live forever,
Remember me.

Remember me.


"So Many Questions"

Slowly driving home from work, I gaze into the sky
So much heartache, so much pain, I silently scream
"Dear God, Dear God why?"

Why did you have to take my child?
How could you leave our home in turmoil?
...Excuse me, why did you take him from me?
Did I hear you say "to set him free"?

Did you see handcuffs on his hands...
or chains around his feet?
How can you stay up there and say
" I took him to set him free"?

Silently you look at me
Tears streaming down your face.
You gently wipe away my tears, and whisper tenderly
"My dear child, please listen carefully."

You couldn't see the handcuffs,
You couldn't hear the chains
But your precious child was hurting
He was filled with so much pain.

It wasn't in my Father's plans
To take your child from you
His plans were for you and your child
To live forever on this land

But sin came and it was not to be
So he had to take your child
My Father saw all of your son's pain
He couldn't leave him all alone
He had to set him free

Free from the violence of this earth
He took him to a beautiful place
So peaceful and beautiful
A place he would never again be hurt.

But I'll tell you what he's doing now...
He's freely walking Heaven's streets
Smiling at everyone he meets, his face so serene
Don't you think he's better there
Where he'll never again feel pain?

Written for my precious son Krisstoffer Jefferson
Brutally murdered December 29, 2002



I'm sitting here on this old crate back behind the furnace.
The light's gone from the dirty pane and it's almost time for supper.
He smiles at me from the tattered print. I've pulled it out so often.
Dead so many years and still I miss him, man, I miss him.
My body shakes, the pressure builds, my chest is almost bursting.
God, let me cry - relieve the pain, but the tears just will not come.
I think of his so often still, how he looked and how he laughed,
to me he is no older now.  If only I could touch him.
When I remember special times, how he looked, his words, his play,
Something in my chest swells up.  It aches with no relief - just pain.
Women cry so easily, and I have cried just once.  I long to feel the sweet release
of tears that just won't come.
So I'll sit on this old crate back behind the furnace.
I'll remember how it used to be, and - maybe - tears will come.

From Andy's Mountain - Father's Grieve Too, a Journey through Grief
By Dwight L. Patton


The Busiest Day in Heaven

It's the busiest day in Heaven
I'm planning a big surprise
To let you know I love you
And that no one ever dies.

Even though you're down below
And I am up above,
I'm sending you these wishes
And all my angel love.

It's really quite exciting
To plan this big event,
For lots of gifts will come your way
And all are heaven sent.

First, I'll take a bubble bath-
My splashes might cause some rain,
But knowing all the fun I'm having,
Will help to ease your pain.

Next, I'll get some pictures
In my halo and my gown,
So when you get to Heaven,
You can show them all around.

I have color crayons in Heaven,
And I will draw some star so bright
And place them in the sky today
For you to see tonight.

Then, Jesus will have story time,
And I will sit upon his lap.
He'll tell me all about you
Just before I nap.

I'll wake up full of energy
And play a game or two,
Before I finish sending
All my love to you.

After snack I'll write a song
For all the birds to sing,
And know I've made you happy
With all the joy it brings.

At nighttime I'll be tired,
But I'll still hold you tight.
My arms will wrap around you
And keep you through the night.

And when you finally slumber,
I will kneel to pray,
Asking God to bless you
On this special Mother's Day.

Love, Your Little Angel


There Is No Goodbye
You're the sunrise in the morning;
You're the star that shines bright in the night;
You're the gentle breeze across our face;
At the darkest times you're our light;
You're the courage we have to stand tall;
You're the strength to keep our heads held high;
You're the power and will to carry on..
With the love you gave us there are no goodbyes;
Its been so long since you went away;
But we still feel you from up above;
During the hardest times, we know you're there;
Giving us your courage, strength and love.
You're the unspeakable sadness in our eyes;
You're the tears that stream down our cheek;
You're the constant heartache that we feel;
You're the happiness we hope to seek.
We remember all the love we had for you;
On this day we always dread;
But today we forget that horrible time and reminisce...
About the good memories of you instead.
You will always be tucked away;
Deep inside our broken hearts,
But you will never be forgotten or replaced;
Because we can never again be torn apart.
So the next time we feel that gentle breeze;
Or the tears that start to warm our eyes;
We will smile and always remember....
With the love you gave us;
There is no goodbye.
Author Unknown


This Autumn Day
Read at Danielle’s Memorial Dedication
John Plourde 2008

Why, oh why does it have to be this way?
Remembering your wonderful life this Autumn day.

So many painful days have gone by since you died,
It is impossible to count the tears of sadness we cried.

Family and friends are gathered, their hearts heavy and sad,
They gather to support your loving mom, brother and dad.

Seeing so many here today, we know that it is true,
We know they will always love and care so much for you.

So many here never thought that you would die,
So many here held us in their arms and just let us cry.

Today as we remember your love, kindness and smile,
We hope we can all share a moment of joy for a while.

This memorial was so hard for all of us to do,
We built this memorial in loving memory of you.

We all wish you did not have to leave us this way.
We all love and miss you so much, this Autumn Day.

Your Loving Daddy


Walking with Grief

A Celtic Prayer

Do not hurry as you walk with grief
It does not help the journey
Walk slowly, pausing often
Do not hurry as you walk with grief
Be not disturbed by memories
that come unbidden
Swiftly forgive and let
Christ speak for you
Unspoken words, unfinished
conversations will be resolved in Christ
Be not disturbed
Be gentle with the one who walks with grief
If it is you, be gentle with yourself
Swiftly forgive, walk slowly,
Pause often,
Take time
Be gentle as you walk with grief